Eleiren (lifemovingfwd) wrote,

Still standing

I found a place to move into already.  Yes, it's early but I needed something to put my feet on.  I'm going to take a one bedroom instead of my usual two.  If I have two bedrooms I keep ending up taking someone in or even just finding a roomie.  Then I end up used for the money and tossed aside.  Now it's time for me to learn to say no.  If I can't manage it on my own then I'll make it so I don't have that option.

I've had shit to deal with, of course.  Cecil wants me to live in a complex with he and Nikki.  I was caving but got a wake up call from some friends.  I'm sticking to my plans.

Cecil says he asked Nikki for more money to give me so I can save up for the move.  She had a tantrum because I've bought food just for me and refused.   That was the last straw for me.

It all may be moot.  She's trying to get a job in Florida.  If she goes, he will, too.

So yeah, best I tend my own needs.

Jesse and I have been staying in touch off and on.  No romantic anything, just staying in touch.  It's causing him grief with Tessia but he's determined that she can be OK with us staying in touch.   It's helpful, having him to talk to at times. 

And that's where things are.  I've paid the first $200 on my apartment and am packing already.  My new pots and pans arrived.  I also realized, in June I can share my stock in the company.  That's enough for the new furniture. 

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