June 18th, 2015

Looking forward 2

Today was a rough one.  A bit of a rollercoaster ride that lifted up to having fun,  feeling appreciated and feeling accomplished, countered by sudden drops into frustration and disappointment and stress.  Oh, yay, whee.

Being focused on, and staying focused on, anything positive was difficult.  Today's thing to keep me looking forward isn't the water garden I'm finally starting to have set up (first three plants today, and two fish!), but instead it's that I caught myself jogging up the stairs to the apartment.  

Let me explain how big this is.

When I moved in here, roughly six weeks ago, I couldn't carry anything up the stairs without feeling like death.  I had to walk so very cautiously because my knees were just hating me and if you never had pain in your knee, be glad.  I was in enough pain that I took pain killers just to rest.

Now I'm jogging up the stairs?  Without pain?  This kinda rocks!  

So today I look forward with evidence of my increasing good health and recovery of the use of my body.